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The 11th Hour

Beset by a strong storm an hour before midnight, the PCs take cover at the first opportunity—in this case, the Gator's Gullet Inn. But the PCs enter this quaint roadside establishment at just the wrong time, as a cleric named Nantiken casts a glyph of warding in his upstairs room, completing the spell just after the PCs arrive.

This short (but not necessarily quick) fantasy adventure interlude, written by Bret Boyd, is designed for use with 1st-level characters. Unlike most adventures, though, The 11th Hour requires no combat to complete. Additionally, the adventure can be run in "real time" where keyed events happen at specific times during the adventure's hour-long loop.

This adventure is presented with a series of forms that the DM can use to track customization and adventure progress. Each separate room description, and other information, is on a separate page making it easy to keep track of the various areas and occupants as the game progresses.