The Android Underlords: An Adventure for the Original 1976 Edition of Metamorphosis Alpha

by Goodman Games

Goodman Games



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The Android Underlords: An Adventure for the Original 1976 Edition of Metamorphosis Alpha

An all-new adventure for Metamorphosis Alpha, the first sci-fi RPG created by James M. Ward in 1976!

This all-new METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA adventure module was written by Michael Curtis and released at Gary Con by Goodman Games. James M. Ward read and happily approved of this adventure as being in the truest spirit of MA.

The Knower of All Things has been kidnapped! Mysterious agents have abducted the village shaman in the dead of night, leaving a hideous trail in their wake. Now it is up to the bravest and strongest members of the tribe to rescue the shaman before he falls victim to his captors’ nefarious plans. Before their journey is through, the village heroes will find themselves in an undreamt-of place, battling faceless foes. Is your mutant up to the challenge?

This adventure module is designed for Metamorphosis Alpha first edition, as originally published in 1976 and re-published by Goodman Games in 2014.

METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA is a science-fiction tabletop role playing game in which the players are passengers on the interstellar colony ship Warden. Struck by radiation, the ship’s occupants have mutated into unusual and deadly creatures. After several generations, they have little or no knowledge of how to use the technology around them. Now tribal barbarians, they struggle to survive amidst a backdrop of advanced technology, mutant monsters, and the vast spaces on an intergalactic colony ship.

METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA spawned the popular GAMMA WORLD role playing games.

  • Rules Set: Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition
  • Writer: Michael Curtis
  • Cover artist and cartographer: Doug Kovacs
  • Interior artists: Doug Kovacs, Stefan Poag

Metamorphosis Alpha created by James M. Ward

GMG5201A, 12 pages