The Book of Random Tables 3

by dicegeeks




Tags: Any system Fantasy GM Tools Old School/OSR Treasure

The Book of Random Tables 3

Are you spending hours on GM prep? Well, no longer. Cut down game master prep time with 25 D100 fantasy random tables.

Find items for a cell, a wine cellar, a dead orc, and more. Also, exciting random encounters for different terrains. Plus food and drink.

Some of the tables in the book:

  • Inn Names
  • Names of Knightly Orders
  • Desert Encounters
  • Forest Locations
  • Road Encounters
  • Items in a Cell
  • Items in a Chest
  • Items on a Dead Orc
  • Jewelry
  • Items in a Wagon
  • Items in a Wine Cellar
  • Beers
  • Thieves Guild Quests
  • Dungeon Health Side Effects

Get The Book of Random Tables and The Book of Random Tables 2! Plus now there is a fourth book!