The Corpseshaper's Toolbox

by Interjection Games

Interjection Games



Tags: fantasy Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition player options

The Corpseshaper's Toolbox

While most necromancers simply let their magic do all the work, a special few roll up their sleeves, dive on in, and optimize the gross anatomies of their latest victims before animating them. The Corpseshaper's Toolbox introduces twelve tools used in this trade, as well as the corpseshaper feat, a prerequisite for the use and construction of the aforementioned tools. A balance has been struck between offensive, defensive, support, and "silly" tools so that different playstyles will be drawn into the use of the corpseshaper line.

Product Features (TOOLS):

  • Achilles Fortifier - increased land speed
  • Adamantine File - makes some natural attacks keen
  • Adrenal Echoes - one round of hasted action
  • Energy Buffer - channel resistance and resistance to positive energy
  • Essence Focuser - accepts spells with a duration for the implanted undead; can implant itself in another undead, thus moving the spells mid-duration
  • Eyegouger - grants a bonus to optical Perception
  • Flesh Hardener - fortification and natural armor bonus
  • Frigid Nodules - natural attacks deal cold damage
  • Impact Enhancers - bludgeoning attacks and attacks made on the charge deal additional damage
  • Mental Cogitator and Needles - mindless undead have an Int of 2, can learn tricks as though an animal
  • Sower of Entropy - tongue is impregnated with power, allowing an undead to make a negative energy breath attack that destroys its tongue
  • Visage - creatures in a 30 foot radius become shaken