The Demolished Ones (Fate)

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The Demolished Ones (Fate)

You wake in a room.

You don't where you are, where you came from, what's happening. You don't know who you are. Your identity has been taken from you. It will come back with time, but can you trust it? This world is not what it seems. Are you?

And then there's the murder.

Who killed the dead man? Was it you? Was it one of the people who woke in the room with you? Are you all being blamed for a crime you didn't commit? If you want to keep your freedom, you'll need to solve the mystery of Jack Smith's murder while you solve the riddle of your own identity. But is freedom even possible, or is it just another lie?

This is a game.

The Demolished Ones is a game about identity, amnesia, and the power "" and danger "" that comes with knowledge. This game uses Fate, a rules system that helps you build characters with personalities, histories, and baggage. If you're not familiar with Fate, don't worry: this game teaches you everything you need to know.

This is a story.

This book also includes a full story for you to play through. It contains all of the characters, locations, and events that you'll need to tell a story of mystery, intrigue, identity, and horror.

Welcome to The Demolished Ones.

Preview of Chapter 1: A System of Rules

What is The Demolished Ones?

This book contains an adventure set in a dystopian Victorian city housed within the massive and enclosed Dome. Within the Dome, inhuman beings who call themselves the Masters perform hideous experiments "" both physical and psychological "" on humans who have no idea that they are test subjects, or that the Masters even exist. Into this world you will throw the player characters (PCs), without memory or identity, to survive against a hostile environment by whatever means they can.

This is the world of The Demolished Ones.

The adventure is designed for the Fate system, a system you may be familiar with through games like Spirit of the Century, The Dresden Files RPG, Diaspora, or Bulldogs!. You do not need any of these games in order to use this adventure; this book contains all of the rules you need.

What is Fate?

All games of this nature must use a system of rules. Rules hold the game together and determine whether or not an action is a success; they are a fair and impartial arbiter, and a method for modeling the way the world works. One such rules system is Fate. "First, you'll need Fudge dice: specialized six-sided dice."that uses specialized dice "' called Fudge dice "' as well as rules elements like skills, aspects, stunts, stress tracks, consequences, and fate points. Fate is not a system that simulates reality or physics; Fate instead seeks to emulate the way things happen in a story, the motivations of characters, and the beats of plot that drive it. In Fate, things happen at the speed of fiction.

System of Rules

Many of the core mechanics of Fate are similar to "" or even the same as "" what you may be used to in other Fate games. If you're not familiar with Fate, the basics of the system with unique expansions for this adventure are detailed below. This system is intended to be complete, and self-contained.

What You'll Need

Aside from the character sheet (provided at the end of this book), a pencil, and some friends to play with, there are a few components that you'll need in order to play The Demolished Ones: Fudge dice and tokens.

"First, you'll need Fudge dice: specialized six-sided dice."A Fudge die has two faces that display a "+"?, two that display a "-"?, and two that are blank. Each player should have one set of four Fudge dice, though players can share in a pinch. Many hobby stores either stock or can order them, and Fudge dice can also be ordered from Indie Press Revolution ( You'll need tokens to represent fate points. Any small, nonedible object that you have in large quantities can work: glass beads, pennies, specialized metal coins, poker chips. You'll need about ten per player (not including the GM, who will need fifteen to twenty tokens).

The Ladder

Many things in Fate (such as skills and difficulties) are rated according to the ladder, which is pictured here. The ladder assigns adjective descriptors to numerical ratings; the adjective and the number can be used interchangeably. Whenever we say "the ladder"anywhere in this book, this is what we're talking about (unless you can tell, from context, that we're talking about an actual, physical ladder). The values on the ladder are by no means maximums or minimums; it's possible to go beyond the ladder in either direction. There simply aren't adjectives for those numbers. Example: Susan has a Fists skill rated at Fair (+2).

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