The Lost City of Barakus - Player's Guide

by Frog God Games

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The Lost City of Barakus - Player's Guide

The Barakus Player’s Guide is 18 pages (counting covers, a couple pages of ads at the back, and the credits page–so 13 total pages of content).

The Players Guide gives a player friendly view of the city of Endhome, like a tour. It includes a hand-drawn visitor’s map and goes into brief detail about several of the major locations of Endhome and some of its notable areas such as the Trading District and the Sewers, as well as an overview of areas outside the city including the forest, roads, hills with more hand-drawn adventurer’s map of the countryside and likely adventuring locales pointed out. It also contains details for places where adventurers can go to shop in the city with a run-down on each, a page of important people to know, and a page of common local knowledge/rumors.

A rules-free, player-friendly book written by Vicki Potter for the Lost City of Barakus sandbox setting.