The One Page Dungeon Codex 2009, Deluxe

by Tabletop Adventures

Tabletop Adventures



Tags: GM Tools

The One Page Dungeon Codex 2009, Deluxe

From the minds of the RPG community to your games!

In 2009, a pair of RPG bloggers along with a few friends got together to make a crazy idea into a reality: mak­ing an online contest about creating system-neutral dungeons that could fit on only one page. Out of the 112 entries re­ceived, the 3 grand winners and 18 of the contest's best en­tries were brought together into this incredible anthology. Together with a series of essays on the history and the use of the one-page dungeon template, this community-created supplement is the perfect addition to your RPG collection. Are you ready to crack open the power of the One Page Dun­geon Codex?

Edited by Philippe-Antoine Ménard and Michael Shorten, with artwork by Mark Allen and Mates Laurentiu.