The Scaum Valley Gazetteer


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The Scaum Valley Gazetteer

The Scaum Valley Gazetteer

Exotic Vistas...

Outlandish inhabitants...

Limitless adventure!

Welcome to the finest river valley in gaming. From the Maurenron Mountains to Sanreale Bay, the valley is thick with ancient forests, picturesque ruins and somber tombs. It is alive with vibrant towns and glittering palaces. It teems with eerie creatures, exhilarating predators and glittering palaces.

Complete with frightful curses, new spells, creatures and magic items, the Scaum contains material for many months of exceptional gaming. Suitable for any level of play from Rogue to Arch-Magician.

The Scaum Valley... aeons to erode - yours for a pittance!

174 pages of vibrant characters, dangers and curses. Suitable for any level of play from Rogue to Arch-Magician.


"There is probably enough gaming material here to keep a once-a-week Dying Earth game going for well over a year. This is not just the most directly usable, useful TDE supplement I have yet read; it’s probably the most directly usable, useful RPG supplement I have ever read..." Ian Sturrock -

Pelgrane Press continues its string of high-quality releases for the line, and the Scaum Valley Gazetteer makes a more than suitable follow-on to the Kaiin Player's Guide, which helpfully covers the city at the very mouth of the Scaum Valley. All this, plus a congeries of utile indices, attractive and even informative maps by the redoubtable Sarah Wroot, and plenty of useful NPCs, cantrips, spells, and items liberally festoon this sourcebook, making it a model of setting presentation as well as gentility and wit. For it must be true, in gaming as in life, that the Scaum always rises to the top. -Ken Hite - Out of the Box

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