The Walking Dead (TV): Construction Sets - Dale's RV

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The Walking Dead (TV): Construction Sets - Dale's RV


McFarlane Toys is bringing a revolutionary evolution in brick building toys that allows collectors and fans to literally build their favorite scenes with these highly detailed and realistic construction line. Each set brings immaculate detail, iconic environments, and convincing sculpts, all at an unpredicted size. Add multiple characters to your scenes, combine builds, or just enjoy your awesome creations on its own.

No other vehicle was more memorable in AMC’s The Walking Dead than Dale’s RV. A mobile ‘Safe-Haven’ for the original Atlanta survivors, this Winnebago served as a refuge, a vantage point, and even a place of happiness and hope in a dangerous post-apocalyptic world. Often seen atop his RV, Dale is the lookout, moral compass and one of the original leaders of the group. Now you can build this iconic vehicle and owner to help protect you building set figures from the apocalypse!

Each construction set includes a completely buildable Winnebago with show-accurate decals, functioning wheels & door with mosquito screen, two lawn chairs, umbrella, and two removable awnings. Also contains Dale with binoculars (with interchangeable sitting legs), RV Walker, and Female Herd Walker figures. The set, in total, is 468 pieces.

Configuration: 4 sets per case

Figure Size: 2 inch scale

Piece Count: 468 pieces