The Zombie Apocalypse Won't Just be Mindless (humanoids)...

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The Zombie Apocalypse Won't Just be Mindless (humanoids)...

With the introduction of the juju zombie in the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2TM, the concept of a zombie horde took on a whole new flavor. Zombies could now have class levels and operate with intelligence. A shambling mass of mindless bodies coming toward you is bad enough, but to have a zombie barbarian, wizard, and oracle suddenly burst out of the group, raging and casting spells at you, turns an otherwise simple fight into a battle of life or death.

Included in this download are 11 juju zombies based on the races and classes from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game rulebooks: Antipaladin, Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Inquisitor, Monk, Oracle, Rogue/Assassin, Witch, and Wizard. Each juju zombie includes combat tactics and histories, as well as a possible adventure hook to use in your campaign. Note that the juju zombies included here can easily become long-term adversaries for your players. They have over-come the inherent vulnerability of being undead in a world full of clerics and survived the heroes who would bring them down. Though histories, combat tactics, and current circumstances are included for each juju zombie, there is enough information here to allow you to drop them into your campaign however you wish.