Transcendent 10 - Spells of Synergy - Multiclass & Melee

by Lost Spheres Publishing

Lost Spheres Publishing



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Transcendent 10 - Spells of Synergy - Multiclass & Melee

"It makes more sense for my character to be a bard if he is a cleric of the God of Song... but the classes don't really do much together..."

Sound like you?

Multiclassing is an awesome and often times organic part of the Pathfinder game but sometimes story based leveling can hit you right in the crunch! Here are a few magical solutions to turning role-playing regret into reward, all without pesky re-levels and custom prestige classes.

Transcendent 10 - Spells of Synergy - Multiclass & Melee introduces 10 new spells to sword a little closer to sorcery in the Pathfinder RPG. Find rare prayers and new incantations that will help your multiclass characters from Summoner/Ranger to Inquisitor/Bard, find the missing mechanical might your story-driven character has been missing. Each new concept includes Usage Notes on how to incorporate it into your characters and suggested class combination. Go beyond the basic with Transcendent 10!

Bonus Content: All eight additional levels of the bond transpossession spell series are provided for convenience. 18 spells for the price of ten!