Ultimate Evil

by d20pfsrd.com Publishing

d20pfsrd.com Publishing



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Ultimate Evil

This book is a treatise on all forms of evil, most notably those fallen from grace and those who would bring their foul motives to bear upon those too weak to resist them. It is co-authored by noted Pathfinder Roleplaying Game writer Clinton J. Boomer and previous d20pfsrd.com Publishing author Peter K. Ullmann. This vile manuscript provides you with 60+ pages of sick content for evil PCs and NPCs such as:

  • Essays on Evil: Thoughts and ideas for optimal and interesting evil NPCs or PCs by Clinton J. Boomer
  • Six new evil class archetypes including: Darkwater Spellbinder (Wizard), Traitor to the faith (Ex-Antipaladin/Ex-Paladin), Gateway of Godhood (Summoner), Herald of Godhood (Summoner), Hand of Pestilence (Antipaladin), Vile Virtuoso (Bard)
  • Blood Rites: 3 new feats (Vital Witchcraft, Power of the Blood, and Dark Pact) and a magic item (Bloodstone Focus) of interest to classes with the blood pool class feature (such as the blood mage).
  • Foul Magic: 13 new spells with an evil bent, such as abyssal body, black bile, lament of addison, river lash, and unforgiving torrent.
  • Feats of Wickedness: 26 new feats of general interest to all manner of evil forces, such as Aura of Terror, Come Forth the Crimson Fountain, Eldritch Affliction (Metamagic), Faith of Steely Flesh, Retributive Strike, Undying Rot, and Vile Scourge).
  • Monsters of Malice: 2 evil NPCs (a CR 18 graveknight antipaladin and a CR 22 banshee bard) and 5 new monsters including bloodknight and plaguewyrm.
  • Oathbreaker Template (CR +0): A template which can be used to create "paladins" of all different alignments.
  • A sample of the Surgery and Sanity rules originally created by Legendary Games in The Mad Doctor's Formulary

This product is packaged in a ZIP file and includes 2 files. The files are identical to each other except that one has embedded internal hyperlinks to the Pathfinder SRD, http://www.d20pfsrd.com.