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Undeath - A Dark Tales Rpg

Undeath - A Dark Tales Rpg

You had died or so you thought, now you have woken in a nightmare world of Cursed monsters and Daemons. A world where you can onl survive by gathering the souls of the monsters that oppose you. You will have to fight if you wish to survive.

The Mountain exists in many places, and these places often cross over into limbo. So as you journey up the mountain you will pass through deserts, ruins, swamps and forests. You must gather souls to aid you on your way as you strive for a true death.

Undeath is a Dark Rpg inspired by the Dark Souls computer games created by From Software. For any number of players the game offers 4 professions, a complete Magick system, feats and perks and the ability to make living weapons from the souls of daemons. All you will need is a D20 and a pencil.

If the game goes well we will create a bigger 2nd edition, and everyone that buys the 1st edition will get the 2nd ed for half price. We are also opening the world up to the players, if you have an idea for an adventure, monsters or whatever contact us and we will add it to the game, if you would like to write an adventure or sourcebook for the game you can, all we need to do is see it fits the setting and then we will send you logo's etc and you can upload it for sale or for free.

We hope you enjoy Undeath - A Dark Tales Rpg.