Under the Castle #4 - Temple of Abaddon

by Lord Zsezse Works

Lord Zsezse Works



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Under the Castle #4 - Temple of Abaddon

Under the Castle #4 - Temple of Abaddon


Temple of Abaddon battle map rpg

Do you wish you knew what was behind the enormous stone doors at the end of "Prison in the Deep?"

Are you certain?

Soon, I believe, you'll wish you hadn't asked.

The temple of Abaddon is an ancient, horrible place that was formed by powerful magics to capture and use the astral plane to bind a creature of vast destruction.

There are many, many realities, stacked one upon another where creatures like angels, gods, and demons dwell. Gates were created to seal them away to prevent them from invading our world. But now, thousands of years later, nearly all of them have fallen into ruin. In the deepest level beneath the castle is the final remaining gate that could be used to travel to the planes above and below our reality. Abaddon bides his time, testing the seals, trying to find a way to work his way back into our reality.

What will you do to stop him? Would you destroy the last known gate, or attempt to find a better way?

The map is ready; the adventure now depends upon you!

You can choose how you would like to print the map out.

The first way if you print the whole map broken into pages, so you don't need to figure out how the parts are connected. As a second option, you can print the map out by area sections. If you print out the sections this way, you can lay out the sections of the map as your gamers move through the caverns area by area. This way, everything ahead will be a mystery and it will make the adventure more exciting.

This set includes the following:

  • The big map broken into pages and poster sized color jpg images
  • Orthographic view of map
  • Isometric visual aid
  • 200 dpi sized color jpg images for online roleplayers

Image format:

  • 1" game tiles
  • Size: 30" x 39"
  • PDF: U.S. Letter, 200 dpi
  • JPG: 200 dpi and 100 dpi

Temple of Abaddon battle map rpg