Under the Castle #5 - The Plane of Havoc

by Lord Zsezse Works

Lord Zsezse Works



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Under the Castle #5 - The Plane of Havoc

Under the Castle #5 - The Plane of Havoc


After the great battle fought inside the Temple of Abaddon, your adventuring company realized that in order to save your world, you would need to go through the gate that imprisoned the Angel of Destruction and destroy it from the other side.

The gate stands between two worlds, between our dimension and the one above our reality. Your team needs to enter the astral plane and destroy the gate and trap Abaddon in his pocket dimension. After you step through the portal, you arrive in a world that is different from anything you have ever seen. A strange green and white mist covers everything, anything farther away than a stone's throw blurs in the distance.

What will you do to stop him? Would you destroy the last known gate, or attempt to find a better way?
The map is ready; the adventure now depends upon you!

This set includes the following:

  • The big map broken into pages and poster sized color jpg images
  • Orthographic view of map
  • Isometric visual aid
  • 200 dpi sized color jpg images for online roleplayers

Image format:

  • 1" game tiles
  • Size: 20"x42"
  • PDF: U.S. Letter, 200 dpi
  • JPG: 200 dpi

The Plane of Havoc battlemap
The Plane of Havoc battlemap

This is a map, not an adventure!
For personal use only.