Valkyrie - ICHAIVAL

by Thistle Games

Thistle Games



Tags: Fantasy Gamebook

Valkyrie - ICHAIVAL

VALKYRIE - jeopardy based solo or team gamebook:

  • Very visual
  • Familiar RPG mechanics but far from easy
  • Replay repeatedly without the same results


Ichaival is a solo or multi-player roleplaying gamebook, which uses familiar game mechanics to deliver a largely visual adventure.

You are able to transport yourself into the Otherworld when struck by lightning. Once there your skills are enhanced, including gaining magical powers and the ability to use your mind to act on others.

Your task in this adventure is to journey through the Otherworld to foil the plans of a Storm Ogre intent on causing chaos and ruin. You begin by meeting a supernatural ally who has been magically imprisoned and is in urgent need of your help.

If you can defeat the Storm Ogre you can free your ally by rolling two magical dice, which are enchanted to trap your ally until a different number is rolled.

Getting the job done depends on making the best possible use of your skills, taking calculated risks and a certain amount of good luck.

Play to compete with yourself or play to compete with friends - either way the adventure can be played hundreds of times without revealing quite the same story.