vs. Stranger Stuff: Season 2 - Urban Legends of Crestview Hills: Lover's Lane

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



vs. Stranger Stuff: Season 2 - Urban Legends of Crestview Hills: Lover's Lane

The best view of the whole valley that the town of Crestview Hills is nestled in can be had during the day by taking a little dirt road up into the hills because it dumps out on top of The Crest overlooking the city. But few would recommend being there at night, as the locale gets taken over by teens in their cars looking to escape the watchful stares of their parents for a little "alone time" with nothing but the city lights. That little country road may have a formal name lost to most people's memories, but to anyone from Crestview Hills, they know it by its rightful name -- Lover's Lane, the only way up to The Lookout. But recently, teens aren’t the only ones up there, as someone’s come to school with wild tales of getting attacked by a madman with a HOOK for a HAND!

Urban Legends of Crestview Hills: Lover’s Lane is written to be used in conjunction with specifically the vs. Stranger Stuff — Season 2 version of the game, and is designed to assume your game takes place in the default setting of Crestview Hills. Clever Gamemasters, however, should be able to easily adapt these things to their own game. Variations of this adventure seed and the new monsters presented run from Easy Mode to Hard Mode so that any gaming group can use this in their own games.

vs. Stranger Stuff — Season 2 is a rules-light tabletop roleplaying game of 1980’s inspired adventure, horror, and science fiction, where you play as “Kids” in their teens. But it’s not just homework and asking someone to the dance that are the terrors they need to face. Clearly influenced by the hit Netflix series, but also the great films that inspired that show. vs. Stranger Stuff is a complete roleplaying game using the vs. M Engine from Phillip Reed. Even novice gamers will have no problem creating interesting characters, learning the rules, and starting a game. All you need is paper, pencils, a deck of playing cards, and a few friends.