Witches Brews & Potions

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Witches Brews & Potions

Witches Brews & Potions

Not including the stereotypical hat, cauldron broomstick and familiar, a witch can often be found to be a good source of potions and brews, with the two terms often being used interchangeable by both the witch and the drinker. These brews often have odd and nasty sounding ingredients.

This generator, or series of tables, is designed to help flesh out any needed details you require. Use all of them or just one, they are entirely optional.

Featuring tables for:

  • Brewing method - Does the brew neeed to be stired all the time or during a full moon?
  • Effect of the potion/brew, from bravery to cureing a rash
  • A d100 table with 100 possible ingredients, many with linked sub tables to further expand the detais and options; Instead of "Blood of Dog", you could have blood of cat, elephant or something else
  • Duration of the brew
  • Possble side effects from consuming this potion