X1 The Rings of Doom

by Secret Fire Games

Secret Fire Games



Tags: old school osr

X1 The Rings of Doom

Beyond the Borderlands lies a ring of standing stones erected millenia ago by a long-dead people. Here, legends tell, kings and queens were buried beneath the earth, entombed along with treasures of all kinds, including ancient talismans of tremendous power. For centuries, the entire complex has been guarded against tomb raiders by both wicked traps and an immortal presence empowered by the Elder God of Life.

In recent times, however, a tribe of savage Beast Men has overtaken the Wilderness around the sacred site and twisted the place to Evil. Only the brave or the foolhardy now dare venture into the area, for, as the rumors go, those caught by the Beast Men find themselves used as sacrifices in the tribes dark and brutal rituals.

Yet, fortune and glory still await those willing to face the dangers surrounding the standing stones known as the Rings of Doom.

Written by veteran designer Steve Winter (Basic D&D, The World of Greyhawk, Top Secret, Star Frontiers, etc.) of howlingtower.com, this Expert adventure for The Secret Fire RPG (winner of the 2012 Innovative Game Design Award from ICON 31) challenges characters of levels 5-9 (Apprentice modules are designed for PCs of levels 1-4 and Master scenarios for levels 10+).