Zsezse's World - The Sussurus Tomb

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The Sussurus Tomb


"In a silent section of the forest, in the center of a circle of runestones, lies the Sussurus Tomb. As night falls, flickering light streams upwards from a staircase that is carved into the surrounding stone. Every night that the moon passes into view overhead, the dissonance of whispering voices can nearly be felt, but never fully heard. The tomb lies open but undisturbed, as those who descend the stairs rarely return..."

The map of the Sussurus Tomb shows a stone circle with a tomb in its center near a cobblestone road. Beneath the tomb is the beginning level of a huge set of catacombs.

New adventures await you in the deep - choking roots, ravenous spiders, and a Sphere of forgotten eldritch power.

This set contains the following:

  • Poster sized 200dpi color jpg images;
  • U.S. Letter sized PDF with the map broken into pages

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Base size: 24x24 inch, 200 dpi

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