1948: Magic of the SS

by Bloodstone Press

Bloodstone Press



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1948: Magic of the SS


1948: Magic of the SS

Pages: 8
Images: 11
System: OGL Modern
SS Medals, Ribbons, and Badges

This file documents 26 magical military awards used by the elite SS soldiers of the Nazi regime. These medals, ribbons and badges range in power from mundane to very powerful and might be found on just about any SS soldier.  Heavily illustrated (11 pictures in 8 pages) and fully hyperlinked, this file is an invaluable resource for anyone who may encounter the SS.  

 Within This File:

*Eagle Emblem of Evil - A badge that empowers the wearer to detect Good creatures and strike them down.

*Close Combat Clasp - Awarded to soldiers who fight on the front lines, this badge increases the wearer's unarmed combat skills.

*Skull and Crossbones of Terror - This badge empowers the wearer with the ability terrify his enemies with mind-numbing sorcery.

*Blood Order -This rare and exclusive ribbon infuses the wearer's soul with unholy might, propelling him to new levels of power

And 22 other powerful magic items!

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