1948: The Waffen SS

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1948: The Waffen SS

1948: The Waffen SS


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System: OGL Modern
The Waffen SS

So you think killing Nazis is easy? Well, sometimes it is. But other times those elite, brainwashed, doped up, magic wielding, super commandoes armed with 1000 ton tanks and ray guns are more than an average band of heroes can handle.

 If your players are used to plowing through ranks of Nazis like they are nothing but a horde of impotent mooks, it’s time for a refresher course. After reading this top secret document you will see why the Waffen SS are so feared, despite always being outnumbered.


 Within This File:

* Brief overview of the SS in 1948. The size, diversity, training, symbology, and organization.

*SS Waffen Storm Trooper Advanced Class with six sample characters (Strong, Fast, Tough, machine gunner, and two snipers)

*Sample heavy panzer division, more than 15,000 men and over 4,000 vehicles.

*Sample Nazi Black Veil Occultist

*Sample SS field commander

* Overman Template with sample character

*Wolf Template with sample character

*Game stats for the most evil Nazi of all time, Dr. Oskar Dirlewanger. His deeds are so vile and depraved that even the Nazi High Command is shocked and left wondering how to get rid of him.

*Game stats for Panther tanks, huge half-tracks, motorcycles with sidecars, and 14 other vehicles of war.

*Dozens of items and abilities from other 1948 titles including body armor, strength serums, ray guns, magical badges and medals, methamphetamine, incendiary ammo, MG 42 machineguns, teamwork and much, much more to bring the full force of efficient, effective, total evil to your WWII game.


Fully hyperlinked, heavily illustrated, and guaranteed to kick PC ass!

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