State of the Otherverse: Smartlights

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: campaign setting d20/OGL Modern sci-fi Space

State of the Otherverse: Smartlights

State of the Otherverse:Smartlights is the first installment in SOTO 'tech book'series focusing on the military and civilian technology common to the Otherverse America campaign setting. Though designed with a specific campaign in mind, the new technologies described in the State of the Otherverse line can easily be adapted to most sci-fi and cyberpunk settings. Twenty-second Century American society is well educated and info-saturated. The Mesh, an omnipresent data-net, has taken the place of the older Internet. A question to the nanotech laced air or to a floating advertising holo is answered in a split second. Bionics are as common as eyeglasses were in an earlier millennium. Soldiers enhance their innate capabilities with cybernetic weapons systems that make cyborg warriors more than a match for a fully equipped jet fighter. Technology isn't just physical anymore. By the end of progress level 7, smartlight computers and digital assistants come into wide usage. Selfperpetuating holograms, smartlights incorporate the latest developments in quantum computing, forcefield projection and holography, creating advanced computers. They are easily the equal of any hard-tech laptop, but with virtually no physical mass. Smartlights are just what their name implies: artificially intelligent clusters of light and electricity. Smartlight programs and operating systems can be downloaded directly into the human consciousness, lying dormant within the user's sparkling neurons until they're needed. Nanoinjections implant smartlight 'seeds' in a recipient's synapse gaps. These clusters of scripted photons grow into computers, smartlight cameras, networking software, even smartlight force fields and energy weapons, all activated with a single thought. This PDF gives you all the information needed to incorporate this cutting-edge technology into your D20 Modern game. Fron installing Smartlights into your PC's and NPC's, to adventuring in the Dreamscape, new weapons using this technology, thought viruses, and even self-aware, sentient Smartlights.