The Liberty Shaper Radiant Advanced Class

by Skortched Urf' Studios

Skortched Urf' Studios



Tags: campaign setting classes d20/OGL Modern sci-fi Space

The Liberty Shaper Radiant Advanced Class

Introducing the Shaper Radinat Advanced Class for the Otherverse America Campaign Setting.

Shaper Radiants are one of the oldest and most reliable classes of engineered post-humans. Hundreds of promising young activist-soldiers, both metahuman and baseline, were offered Shaper Radiant conversion between 2027 and War's End. Shaper Radiants are political exemplars as well as extremely effective supersoldiers. Capable of projecting and shaping telekinetic force fields, Shaper Radiants are extremely mobile, flight capable soldiers with the raw firepower of an entire field artillery battalion. The Shaper's powers are deliberately spectacular in a way that no other Combat Type can match. Their brilliant energy signatures and the discharge of their implanted bio-weapons can be seen from high orbit.

More important than their tactical role, though is the Shaper Radiant's role in Choicer culture. They are living, high-visibility exemplars of Choicer philosophy. These colorful metahumans represent strength and power through diversity and correct moral action. Shaper Radiants are natural celebrities and leaders, and many former Rainbow LIBERTY soldiers have transitioned into political office during the post-War era.