Fantasy Manga d20 Expanded

by Publishing Publishing



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Fantasy Manga d20 Expanded

Our world needs heroes, and only a small band of adventurers stands between us and the darkness that threatens everything!

Fantasy Manga d20 Expanded is an anime roleplaying expansion for Play Manga d20 and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game®.

Push into new realms as a member of the angel, demon, or dragon races. Base class options, the swashbuckler, and the new dragon class demonstrate how to find new ways to adventure through dungeons, kingdoms, and planes. New attributes, feats, and other choices offer both a freeform way to build characters and a balanced way of arranging abilities when composing custom races and classes. Whether you were chosen by your deity in a time of need, discovered an alchemical admixture that could save the world, or just want to be a dragon because you enjoy hoarding gold, there’s something in here for you.

Don’t just play your favorite fantasy tabletop game, Play Fantasy Manga!

Contents Include:

  • Races: Angels, demons, dragons, monsters, and ogres, each with an anime twist, favored classes, and character options.
  • Fantasy Anime Classes: Each of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game base classes, plus the swashbuckler, receive the Play Manga treatment, including new class options such as archetypes and expanded spell lists. In addition, play as a dragon, growing larger and more powerful as you gain experience (with a special thanks to Rite Publishing).
  • Character Options and Attributes: New attributes focused on expanding fantasy options such as alchemy, spells, transformations, and unusual combat styles. Gain more character points back with new defects and restrictions, and gain some new options outside of class abilities with expanded feats.

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