Mythic Champions of the Spheres

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



Tags: Archetypes Fantasy Magic Mythic Pathfinder 1e

Mythic Champions of the Spheres

Champions, your time has come! This companion book gives mythic support to characters who blend the Spheres of Power and Spheres of Might system together and includes:

  • Mythic class features for champion classes and prestige classes
  • New mythic feats
  • Powerful new mythic magical items
  • Rules for establishing and strengthening churches
  • Powers of faith for mythic characters ascending towards godhood
  • A newly-updated prestige class for truly epic casters

Mythic Champions of the Spheres completes the basic mythic trilogy for the Spheres systems, offering new powers and storytelling opportunities for characters ready to shake the world!

Note: Using some parts of this book properly requires access to content from Mythic Spheres of Power and/or Mythic Spheres of Might. This book is a companion to those tomes, not a wholly standalone product.