Spheres of Guile (PF1)

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



Tags: Archetypes Classes Fantasy Feats Pathfinder 1e Skills

Spheres of Guile (PF1)

Adventuring demands characters test their skills across many spheres of life—heroes explore their world, discover dangerous secrets, find hidden treasures, pull off incredible trickery, talk their way out of trouble, and pull off skillful maneuvers in combat.

The new rules in Spheres of Guile allow characters to use their skills in hundreds of new ways, including things otherwise possible only with magic. New guidance also helps players and GMs to take advantage of understanding character motivations, whether to have more satisfying roleplaying encounters or to thwart enemies more dramatically with specialized talents and class features.

Spheres of Guile introduces fifteen skill spheres that unlock extraordinary and highly customizable options for every skill in the game. You can build a character all your own by choosing numerous talent from these spheres as one of five new classes—the agent, trained spy and thief; the courser, a master wilderness survivor; the envoy, an inspiring virtuoso wielding words like weapons; the mastermind, always prepared to exploit enemy weaknesses; and the professional, an expert in whatever she chooses. In addition, trade traditions, feats, archetypes, and other customization options open up the flexibility of skill spheres to characters of any class.