A Chunk of Fantasy Volume 1

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



Tags: Any system Fantasy

A Chunk of Fantasy Volume 1

A Chunk of Fantasy Volume 1

When the Ennead Games blog first started, one of the regular features was a weekly post for fantasy or medieval style games and stores. The base format was tweaked over the years, with regular updates and re-launches to keep it fresh.

Presented here are 10 compiled entries from the blog, tidied up, formatted and where needed, expanded.

For flavour, a few of these items are set in Easthalen, the authors own game world, but this can easily be ignored or replaced with something of your own.

Inside this volume you'll find...

  • Aerons [Race/Species] - A humanoid species with insect ancestry.
  • Arcane Archiver [Class/professon] - The protectors and guardians of magical items.
  • Chain Mail Helmet of the Druid [Armour] - A metal based helmet for druids.
  • Explorers Guild [Organisation] - A club for all those who like to seek fame and fortune.
  • FNV Fortunes’ Fury [Vehicle] - This privateer vessel has a little something extra to make it go fast.
  • Pit of Destruction [Dungeon] - What do you do with an almost immortal being?
  • Potion of Crystal Intellect [Potion] - A dose of this potion can give you a mental boost.
  • Starfall [Event] - Where a star was belived to have falen to earth.
  • Shocking Door [Trap] - A simple trap sometimes used to etertain.
  • Wild Steel [Material] - If you partake of the chaotic arts, stay away from this metal.