A Chunk of Sci-Fi - Volume 1

by Ennead Games

Ennead Games



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A Chunk of Sci-Fi - Volume 1

When the Ennead Games blog started, one of the regular features was a weekly post for various genres for games and stores. The base format got tweaked over the years, with regular updates and re-launches to keep it fresh.

Presented here are 10 compiled entries from the blog, tidied up, formatted and if needed, expanded. They are all suitable for a Sci-Fi setting, with a few usable in a near-modern setting as well.

For flavor, some of these items are set in the authors own game world, but this can easily be ignored or replaced with something of your own.

Inside this volume, you will find...

  • Esper Guard [Class/Profession] - An essential type of protection in a universe of telepaths
  • Explosive Dandelion [Plant] - A seemingly harmless flower with explosive properties
  • Hive Chicken [Animal] - The more of them that get together, the smarter they all become
  • Hyperspace Bomb [Weapon] - A bomb designed to disrupt some forms of FTL
  • Infinite Blue [Drug] - A highly addictive drug that makes you feel at once with the universe
  • Landfall Day [Holiday] - Celebrate the day your colony ship arrived
  • Myrotrophia II [Planet] - A planet that seems empty to all sensors
  • Steel Grass [Plant] - A type of grass that feels like a sharp razor
  • Ultech Personal Liferaft [Vehicle] - Your main ship about to explode? Escape in style with the UPL!
  • Zombex [Disease] - Telepaths beware of this deadly mental disease