LPC Fantasy Names II


Moebius Adventures

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LPC Fantasy Names II

Names have power. As GMs and players of role-playing games we know this. But sometimes we find ourselves powerless to come up with the right name at the right time. That's when we need a little inspiration to step in.

My inspiration has been looking at the strange collections of letters and numbers on license plates while driving to and fro in town and on longer trips. Letters such as "BKL" and "GMK" tickled something in the back of my head to come up with names like "Grimalk" and "Caduq" that could be used for characters or places when I needed a name on the fly.

Thus License Plate Creations (LPC) was born!

LPC Fantasy Names II takes the second 100 names from my travels and offers four new transformations to apply to make each name even more unique. Use the product as a simple list or you can apply a transformation and make the list grow exponentially. Or mix and match between products to make things even more interesting!

  • If I roll the dice three times and end up with one name "Zebora" and the "Remove-a-letter" transformation, I can quickly find several other names such as "Ebory," "Zbory," "Zeory," "Zeboy," and "Zebor."
  • If I roll and get two names ("Wion" and "Tojana") and two transformations ("Add-a-letter" and "Suffix"), I can turn "Wion Tojana" into "Wivoner Trojanara," "Twionam Atojanack," or "Wionack Tojanavar."

What can you come up with?