Fifth (5th) Edition Horror

by Fat Goblin Games

Fat Goblin Games



Fifth (5th) Edition Horror

Horror is a feeling, a place in your mind, and for some, a final destination. Some mad few wish to know the little terrors and the vast dead that populate the dark places between the light, be they candles or stars. The only thing between you and the fiends and fright contained within is the heartbeat that it takes to access the forbidden knowledge within. If you have ever wanted to play in a 5th Edition Fantasy setting that is heavily influenced by horrors of madness, violence, and grotesqueness, by all means, acquire this book.

It Included the following elements for a dastardly campaign of fear and folly:

  • Character archetypes for every core class.
  • A brand new class, the Apothecary, that mixes potions and uses new and untested sciences to explore a dangerous world.
  • New spells, feats, and even modified skills to help you gear your game towards a horror campaign.
  • A multitude of new monsters meant to turn your stomach, addle your mind, and haunt your dreams.
  • A treatise on villainy, with modifications for deranged murderers and disturbed masterminds.
  • Advice on how to make your games spooky, dreadful, devilishly short, or even existentially doomed.

There is plenty for player and game master alike to fuel a campaign of horror for 5th edition fantasy, and enough to paint a character or setting into dreary stories of woe and ruin. Seek it out at your own risk.