Ultimate Cities (PF2)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



Tags: Fantasy GM Tools kingdoms Pathfinder 2e Player Aids rulership SRD Enhanced

Ultimate Cities (PF2)

Cities of Splendor!

Ultimate Cities is a massive expansion to the Pathfinder Second Edition rules for building and ruling a domain of your very own! Building upon the rules introduced in the Kingmaker Anniversary Edition Adventure Path by Legendary Games and Paizo, Ultimate Cities provides new civic actions and expanded rules to build your villages into towns and cities as your population expands with your territory, and enhance them with magical improvements, natural advantages, over a dozen new buildings from aeries to lumberyards, or construct magnificent hanging gardens, lighthouses, or a colossus, or an entire exotic settlement from cliff dwellings to treetop cities and underwater cities! Add to that a new system of danger in managing kingdom events and over 70 settlement attributes to make each city unique, from natural geography like resettled ruins and strategic location to a legendary marketplace or rumormongering citizens, or even magical attributes like a planar crossroads, slumbering monster, or a god ruled city! Plus dozens of tables to reference every rule. Your heroes can establish their own domains, raising cities and monuments to their glory and becoming a force to be reckoned with in the campaign world, striking out into a position of leadership with amazing depth and detail. Grab this fantastic 48-page Pathfinder 2E supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!