Breath of Life - The Archivist (PF2E)

by Orphaned Bookworm Productions

Orphaned Bookworm Productions



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Breath of Life - The Archivist (PF2E)

Breath of Life: The Archivist is our fourth product in the Breath of Life product line. It is a reimagining of the spellcasting scholar class from the 3.5 edition of a very popular table-top roleplaying system. Like the previous entries in this series, it is not a copy-paste update. No, this is a whole new class with new mechanics and systems to make it dynamic and fun to use along side other Pathfinder 2nd Edition classes.

In this book you will get the following:

  • A full 1-20 level class focused on leveraging knowledge and balancing the insanity borne from knowing too much, and uses a plethora of talents to tailor your knowledge-based abilities for your archivist
  • A slew of class feats for the Archivist.
  • Class feats and options to bring horror and knowledge-based themes to other classes like the Blood Patron for the witch, Circle Magic feat for various casting classes, and the tapestry-warped eidolon.
  • New spells to aid you in combat.
  • 2 General feats around serving and working with otherworldly patrons.
  • Spellbook modifications.
  • New magic items that empower magic abilities and knowledge.
  • New creatures.
  • Optional rules to improve the Lore skill.
  • An example NPC that uses the class mechanics you can use as a guide or as an NPC to interact with your players.

These options are guaranteed to bring some mystical options to your table-top battlefield.