Three Stone Stories: Solo Narrative Roleplay

by Rising Phoenix Games

Rising Phoenix Games



Tags: Fantasy Future Horror Modern Sci-Fi Solo Roleplay Stand Alone/Unique System Super-Hero

Three Stone Stories: Solo Narrative Roleplay

Your Greatest Tale

Three Stone Stories is a solo narrative role-playing game where you’re the Storyteller. Tell heroic tales using your own imagination, these rules, and three regular six-sided dice.

Roll the Stones,
Determine the Will of the Dice,
Choose your Destiny.

It’s Your Story

Print Edition: We'll begin the process of creating a Print-on-Demand (POD) version of the book after a month of collecting feedback, so that we can deliver the best product possible. Details for sending feedback are in the book.

Art Note: This title uses both hand-drawn and AI-generated art. In most cases, the AI-generated art assets have been reworked and tweaked to ensure their suitability for digital and print publishing.