Deck O' Names: Modern

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Deck O' Names: Modern

Modern or Future names, on the fly!

Whether you are investigating mysteries in the 21st-Century streets of North America or boldly going where no one has gone before, the "Deck O' Names: Modern" is ideal for your naming needs. From more common names like Jack Armstrong to ethnically diverse names such as Jodi Hong or Li Ming Wheeler, the "Deck O' Names: Modern" has what you need to name on the fly!

Produce quick, reasonable and interesting names for your modern or future characters or NPCs with the fun name generator, the Deck O' Names. These cards can be used by a player who is having trouble finding a name for a character, or GMs can generate names in advance, or during play.

The "Deck O' Names: Modern" uses names from actual present-day name lists and includes a balance from different ethnic and national backgrounds to represent a diverse culture which might very well have a mix in the ethnicity of names. No more falling back on "Bob Smith" or having a player pick just "Fred" and pleading amnesia for why he has no last name. These convenient cards also make it easy for GMs to have NPCs with interesting names even if they are unprepared for the "What's his name?" question.

With decks of 200 male and 200 female names, and as many unique surnames, there are 40,000 possibilities each! Simply print the appropriate pages, cut out the cards and mix. Then pull two, and combine the names of your choice for an easy modern or future name. In addition, the surnames from each deck could be mixed with the first names from the other deck, giving even more options.


  • 100 2.25-inch by 2.25-inch cards, each with two male first names and two surnames (9 pages)
  • 100 2.25-inch by 2.25-inch cards, each with two female first names and two surnames (9 pages)
  • Introduction to the Deck O' Names, including how to use the deck
  • Printable card boxes for each deck
  • One page of blank cards
  • One page of card backs, usable on any of the cards
  • Assembly instructions for the decks and boxes

Also available as software Try the 'Deck O' Names: Modern Generator!'

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