More Malcontent

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



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More Malcontent

Total Party Kill Games is pleased to present MORE MALCONTENT, a sourcebook for use with the fan favorite Malefactor base class.

More Malcontent brings your Malefactor characters three new archetypes (Bog Child, Cavetapper and the Frostblight), five new feats (Cursedrinker, Split Malediction, Hex Bringer, Draw Upon Curse and Oracular Conduit), twenty-two new maledictions, and two brand new Malefactor themed prestige classes - the Black Cat Rager and Hellbound Witch. Also included are two brand new magic items for Malefactors in your games - Gremlin Oil and the Scrimshaw Albatross.

This PDF comes fully bookmarked and hyperlinked to the d20PFSRD.

Arm your Malefactor with a wealth of new abilities!