Scions of Stone: Six Original Gargoyle PC Races

by Total Party Kill Games

Total Party Kill Games



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Scions of Stone: Six Original Gargoyle PC Races

Scions of Stone: Six New Gargoyle Player Races

Scions of Stone is a gargoyle-themed player sourcebook containing six new gargoyle breeds for the Pathfinder RPG.

This book is intended to fuel a new breed of player character (literally) either in a stand-alone setting, or as part of a new campaign. It has everything you would need as a GM or PC (races, feats, spells, magic items, enemies, and a sample settlement) if you wanted to stitch together an adventure arc or campaign centered around gargoyles. As a player, you can simply drag and drop any one of the six new gargoyle variant races within to your existing game and unveil the hidden breeds.

There are six significantly different gargoyle races, along with layers of familial and social complexity.

The forms include:

  • the Awakened gargoyles
  • the Infernal Trumeau
  • the massive Vossoui
  • the swift Crenelet
  • the draconic Lesene and
  • the monstrous Betes

There are mysteries and conflicts even within the knowledge of the gargoyle races, allowing an aspiring GM to expand on what is offered, or take things in a direction of their own choosing.

Each race is fully developed with a total of 98 pages of content! There are tons of new gargoyle-themed feats, abilities, traits, archetypes, spells, magical items and factions! Even a gargoyle paragon class. All of the content is hyperlinked to websitefor your convenience of use and extensively bookmarked.

The content is intended on expanding the play opportunities for a GM and PCs alike, who are looking to take Pathfinder to the limit, and then ask for more. On shadowed wing, these are the Scions of Stone!

This product includes hyperlinks to the Pathfinder SRD