The Tolling of Tears

by Rite Publishing

Rite Publishing



Tags: adventure fantasy gm tools low-level Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition

The Tolling of Tears

Beware the mournful tones of the bell.

The great bell of the Kinogasa-Taisha shrine has a history almost as colorful as the village in which it dwells. The villagers believe it is the ringing of the bell, during the annual rice planting festival, which brings them such a bountiful harvest each and every year, and they cherish it above all they own. Though the bell has seen rebellion, death, and destruction in its time, it has always rung true, each and every dawn.

Until now.

Now, the bell lies cursed and its dread tones strike fear in all who hear it. As the planting season and the time for the annual festival draws nigh, the plight of the villagers, as expressed by the local priest, has reached the ears of officials in the capital, and imperial exorcists have been sent to deal with the problem. These investigators must deal with angry ghosts, hungry ghouls and dark magics as they seek to unwind the mystery of the bell and its curse.

The Tolling of Tears is a PFRPG compatible adventure for 3rd level characters set in Rite Publishing's dark realm of Kaidan.