Aigyptos: A Gazetteer for 5th Edition

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



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Aigyptos: A Gazetteer for 5th Edition

Welcome to Aigyptos!

This 5th Edition sourcebook can be used in a number of ways. One is to provide a backdrop for self-standing Egyptian-style adventures that do not already have a setting associated with them. Another is to provide a mini-setting sufficient to allow characters to visit or travel through a land reminiscent of ancient Egypt. Yet another is to introduce such a country with an eye to using it for ongoing adventures.

This detailed 5th Edition book includes:

  • An overview of a fantasy version of ancient Egypt;
  • A set of custom encounter tables for Aigyptos;
  • 5th Edition game system material that includes stats for all new men, monsters, and environmental hazards that appear on the encounter tables;
  • Supplemental 5th Edition content, to include the Aigyptian background; and,
  • Brief descriptions of the adjacent lands of Nubia and Æthiopia.