Legendary Planet: Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons (5E)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Legendary Planet: Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons (5E)

Death in the Mind's Eye

The heroes have scored a major victory, but the dark forces arrayed against them will not go down without a fight. Pursuing their fleeing legions to the gas giant Qanna, the heroes arrive on the verdant moon of Itac at the head of a band of Accord forces only to discover that the massive planet’s manifold moons have long been a secret stronghold of the Hegemony forces and the hunters are now the hunted. Worse still, the psychic storms and spatial ripples of the system make escape almost impossible, and to prevail the heroes must launch headlong into a campaign against a dread conqueror set on launching a final desperate assault at the head of a massive army. The heroes at last come face to face with the unspeakable ultari, the grand architects of the Hegemony, and only they can thwart a rogue general’s mad quest for power as they stand against the Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons!

Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons is an adventure for 17th to 19th-level characters using the 5th Edition rules for the world's most famous RPG. The latest chapter in the amazing Legendary Planet Adventure Path, a spectacular sword-and-planet saga from Legendary Games blending sci-fi and fantasy, magic and machines with an exciting pulp sensibility and style. Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons includes not only a massive interplanetary adventure but also brand-new monsters, magic, and technology, including new advanced vehicle rules blending magic and technology, along with a full gazetteer of the domed city of Emirist-Tar and its inhabitants and an ongoing fiction series. Here you will find amazing adventures that span the stars and plunder the planets in a campaign that takes your heroes to 20th level and beyond! Grab this exotic epic today and Make Your Game Legendary!

This 118-page PDF or 116-page print volume contains the following:

  • "Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons," a 5th Edition adventure for 17th to 19th-level characters by Tim Hitchcock
  • A "Planetary Bestiary" by Tim Hitchcock and Mike Welham, featuring eleven amazing new monsters: the apocalyptic atoth, sinister ceroptor body snatchers, skin-stealing ecorche, gore-weaving ghorazagh, relentless conveyance golem, leaping karn-tor lizard-folk, primeval kongomato jungle dragons, slithering targathoa, titanic zygomind, howling onaryx (including their mature, dread, and elder variants), and the dread ultari mindlords!
  • 7 new technological and magical items like the photon blaster, plasma javelin, particulate synthesizer, and Ithosian golem armor!
  • A detailed gazetteer of the domed city-state of Emirist-Tar, home to the purple-skin Alusidain monarchs, and the spirit-guarding psychopomps and spirit-stealing sahkil!
  • A detailed look at advanced vehicles and airships, including engines, fuel, reactors, and more, plus 5 sample aircraft including the cutter, pisces, and Oitoc skimmer!
  • “The Deadliest Weapon,” the latest chapter in Chris A. Jackson’s ongoing tale of Anasya, an interplanetary adventurer venturing into the void to strike at the heart of the enemy’s war machine!

For further information on the earlier adventures in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path and the final upcoming adventures, To Kill a Star, pick up the Legendary Planet Player's Guide and check the Legendary Games website!

The Legendary Planet Adventure Path includes the 1st-level prequel adventure The Assimilation Strain and the following adventures:

  • #1: To Worlds Unknown (2nd to 5th level)
  • #2: The Scavenged Codex (5th to 7th level)
  • #3: Dead Vault Descent (8th to 10th level)
  • #4: Confederates of the Shattered Zone (11th to 14th level)
  • #5: The Depths of Desperation (15th to 17th level)
  • #6: Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons (17th to 18th level)
  • #7: To Kill a Star (19th to 20th level)