Savage Company Campaign Setting

by SHM Publishing

SHM Publishing



Tags: Archetypes Campaign Setting Classes Equipment Feats Fiction Pathfinder 1e Skills Vehicles

Savage Company Campaign Setting

Orcs! Guns! Vehicles! Time to join the big green war machine and march into hundreds of pages of new military style content! Place the vibrant boomtown of Tombstone in your current world and open up all kinds of paramilitary adventures and mercenary options that are compatible with your existing games.

Step into the world of Savage Company and experience fast-paced vehicle action while gunning down your enemies.

The Savage Company Campaign Setting includes:

  • New combat rulesets
  • Eight new and reimagined races
  • Nineteen new classes and archetypes
  • Over sixty new weapons
  • New spells, feats, and skills
  • New vehicle rules
  • Rolling road combat
  • Modular vehicles with hundreds of combinations
  • Airships
  • Ten iconic characters and fourteen short stories
  • Gear, equipment, and alchemical items
  • Violence, explosions, and much more!