Advanced Arcana Volume VI

by Necromancers of the Northwest

Necromancers of the Northwest



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Advanced Arcana Volume VI

Advanced Arcana Volume VI

Master the Building Blocks of Magic!

Two wizards face off against one another, both attempting to cast the same spell. Their hands go through the complex motions as quickly as they can, racing to finish first while struggling not to let a single finger fall out of place. An apprentice attempts to cast a difficult spell for the first time, and stumbles to a halt halfway through—what was the next word? Ixos, or isox?—if he guesses wrong, the spell may go horribly awry. A kindly old hedge witch tells a desperate client that there is a spell that does what he wants, but in order to cast it properly, she will need a lily that bloomed on a grave.

These are the kinds of exciting and dramatic moments that spell components have the potential to provide, but it’s not something you see very often at the game table, where spell components are often glossed over as though they were nothing. Pathfinder Roleplaing Game: Occult Adventures introduced two new types of spell components, and this book takes that idea to the next level by introducing spells with several new kinds of components, including:

Intricate components, which take existing components like verbal and somatic to a dramatic new level in exchange for powerful returns.

Energy components, which draw on the caster’s own life force to cast.

Sacrifice components, which require a live, intelligent sacrifice to perform.

Soul components, where a captured soul is needed to power the spell (whose effect often depends on the soul’s quality).

Terrain components, found in powerful spells that can only be cast while in certain types of terrain.

…and a whole lot more!

Advanced Arcana Volume VI is more than just a collection of over 150 brand new, never-before-seen spells. It, like its critically-acclaimed predecessors, was specifically designed to challenge the status quo of the way that magic works in your game. But even above and beyond Advanced Arcana Volume VI’s numerous groundbreaking new spells that will have you rethinking what you thought you knew about magic, the book contains a number of expansive appendices on such topics as…

A selection of feats that allow casters to make the most of the new spell mechanics.

Several new and exotic familiars, including a brain in a jar, a magic mirror, and more.

A new archetype for each and every Paizo spellcasting class.

…and more!

If you’ve already experienced one of the previous installments of Advanced Arcana, you know that this book is not to be missed. Pick up your copy of Advanced Arcana Volume VI, and change the way that you think about magic today.