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Tags: Fantasy Modern Stand Alone Game



"This is pretty much up our alley."

— John Arcadian, Gnome Stew

Insanity Below

In the deep darkness below the earth, there is only Claustrophobia!

Grab your pointy hat and say goodbye to the daisies, it’s time to embark on a perilous subterranean journey as a brave — or suicidal — garden gnome.

Dark things move in the darkness
No place is safe

I Pinky Swear I'll be a Good AI

Face grueling challenges and unique monsters as you explore the dark places, travelling aboard the HMS Keeton, a scratch built, nuclear powered drilling rig with a mind of its own.

Super Awesome Tiger Punch

Claustrophobia's unique mechanics and elegant rules system emphasizes cooperative story play, providing the perfect mix for an evening's hilarious insanity. Just add friends and dice.

Death stalks us, and comes to us all

Will you dare the darkness?

Technical Specs
Pages: 28
Dice: d6, lots

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