Xeno File Issue 4: Titans, Sluagh, Death Pits

by Amora Game

Amora Game



Tags: Archetypes Pathfinder 1e Pathfinder 1st Edition Races Sci-Fi Starfinder Starjammer

Xeno File Issue 4: Titans, Sluagh, Death Pits

Titans, the Sluagh, and Death Pits, OH MY!

XENO FILE Issue 4: Our fourth issue contains a race of giants, a gladiatorial planet, a multisystem organization, 2 new themes, feats, items, and a pulp plot device focused around a shady organization.

Titans: On a high gravity gas-giant called Rephaite, lives a peaceful humanoid race of mythic proportions altered after years of living abroad. Overly sized and brawny technologist known as Titans (giants), are colonist who claim a heritage descendent from plane-shifting space-faring giants who sacrificed themselves to save their home world. (Includes Titan conversion from Starfinder to Pathfinder)

Faction: The Union When the humanoids known as Terrans first took to the stars in the Sol System, it marked an age of rapid exploration for the world of Terra. They made contact with the advanced sentient species on neighboring planets joining together to form the United Star Systems.

Themes: Two new themes for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game

  • Neo Geisha: Great traditions never truly die, but adapt and evolve to become sacred practices performed by those seen as exotic. Neo-Geishas are entertainers, host and hostesses skilled in classical arts such as karaoke music, cultural dance, drinking/social/dice games, and conversation to entertain high paying customers across the galaxy.
  • Burster: “Boom, BABY!” is the rallying call for bursters across the galaxy. Evolution, genetic mutation, gamma rays from the sun, or an experiment gone wrong, whatever the case, you have developed a pyrokinetic ability.

Death Pits of Oriab: Take a vacation to the gambling planet of Oriab. Watch and bet on for your favorite gladiator in the "DEATH PITS"! Or try your hand and become a Veteran of the Pits!

The Sluagh: Learn the secrets of Jonas Sluagh and his twisted organization formally known as the Sluagh Research Group. Follow the rumors of the Sluagh Company's dark findings and experiments gone wrong (or just right). Negotiate with company Captains or try to steal the Brace technology that Jonas covets so dearly.

Also Inside this Issue:

  • Statistics for the giant Titans in both Starfinder and Pathfinder format.
  • Statistics on the worlds of Terra, Rephaite, and Oriab.
  • Two new themes, feats, new monsters, monster grafts, and much more!