The Artisan

by Drop Dead Studios

Drop Dead Studios



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The Artisan

Crafting has never been so much fun!

The Artisan is a new base class from Drop Dead Studios for players who love crafting and making the most of their magical equipment. Building off the mechanics of the Master Craftsman feat, the artisan uses his crafting skills to create magic items, giant constructs, powerful artifacts, or subtle homunculus in the pursuit of his goals.

The Artisan is a versatile class, and can either dabble in all forms of item creation or focus on only a few, honing his efficiency with them over time. The Artisan can also be built to charge enemies at the front, blast enemies from the back, or find inventive solutions to obstacles by creating anything from backpacks to stone bridges in the blink of an eye.

67 pages long, this PDF not only lays out the class's full 20-level progression, but also includes:

  • New magic items and minor artifacts.
  • New types of homunculus.
  • New feats and magic weapon properties.
  • Alternate favored class options.
  • Workshop rules for making mundane crafting work in a campaign.
  • Guidelines for implementing the artisan in different settings.
  • An alternate archetype for the artisan known as the creationist.

True greatness is forged, not found. Get the Artisan today!

This product includes hyperlinks to the Pathfinder SRD