Ennervain Adventure 3 Reliquary

by Ennervain




Tags: Adventure (Mid-Level) Classes Fantasy Grimdark Exploration Politcal Horror Magic Magic Items Maps/Battlemaps Monsters/Enemies Pathfinder 1e Spells

Ennervain Adventure 3 Reliquary

The epic saga of Ennevain continues in Reliquary, Ennervain's 3rd adventure module.

The heroes are charged with an urgent quest; recover an ancient artifact with the power to repel the calamity of beasts sweeping over Nachefell. To retrieve it the heroes will have to use all their wits, guile, strength and bravery as they travel undercover to a foreign nation and infiltrate a secret reliquary.

Ennervain Adventure 3: Reliquary is a Pathfinder 1e adventure path designed for four 7th level characters, and should bring them to level 9.

Reliquary introduces two new prestige classes, the Disintegrator and the Excoriator, as well as dozens of new magic items, monsters, NPCs, spells, rhetorical battles, and full colour art.