Knightly Order Overview

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Knightly Order Overview

Knightly Order Overview

A knight is only as good as their allies 

A Knight Order has been described by some scholars as "... a community of knights..with the main purpose of an ideal or charitable task where the first orders of knights were religious orders that were founded to protect and guide pilgrims."

In certain realms, knights can take on other similar roles as protectors, sometimes elite military units, something for bored nobles to occupy their selves with as they pass the day. A few may even be used more like a form of law enforcement or even act as agents to keep the population in their place!

Each Knightly Order has its way of doing things and even with the Order, there may be sub-divisions or specialities.

This PDF gives you a system for giving you an overview of a knightly Order, from how old the order is, to their main weapon, symbol and more.

The aspects covered by this publication are...

  • Armour - What protects them?
  • Colours - The colours of their symbols etc.
  • Condition - How well maintained are their equipment?
  • Goals/Mandate - What are their goals and mission?
  • Income/Wealth - How wealthy is the Order?
  • Ideals - What are their typical ideals?
  • Main HQ - Where is their HQ located, if anywhere?
  • Numbers - How many Knights, squires etc are there?
  • Primary Weapon - What is their main weapon type?
  • Order Age - How long has the Order been about?
  • Social Standing - Where on the social "ladder" is the Order and Knights?
  • Squire - Some info about the knights' squire.
  • Typical Trait - What is the typical trait found in knights of this Order?
  • Structure - How is the Order organised?
  • Main Symbol - What is the Orders' main symbol?
  • Quirk/Rule - Some suggestions for quirks or rules the Order uses.