Legendary Classes: Sword and Fist (PFRPG)

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Legendary Classes: Sword and Fist (PFRPG)

You've Got to Fight!

Legendary Classes: Sword and Fist is an encyclopedic resource for every martial class in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, with over 300 pages of killer content for the barbarian, brawler, cavalier, fighter, gunslinger, monk, samurai, and swashbuckler classes from the talented team at Legendary Games. This book brings together nearly a decade of Legendary Games martial class books, newly edited and expanded, with tons of new artwork, including 116 archetypes, cavalier orders, and swashbuckler personages, with more alternate class features and rebuild options than you can shake a sword or fist at! Plus, you'll get over 50 magic items, from the universal scabbard and sadistic pauldrons to gloves of the titans, ronin blade, war gods' greatsword, and helm of echoing screams! You'll find an awesome array of nearly 100 feats for armor, weapons, fighting styles, and more, from Shout of Kings and Retaliation Style to Legacy Weapon and Flaming Fist Explosion! Add to that expanded rules for weapon groups and firearm modifications; the castellan, dervish dancer, lancer, and urban aggressor prestige classes; and a gallery of ready-to-use iconic characters ready to drop into your campaign with personalities, histories, and boons to grant your heroes! The first rule of Pathfinder is that sooner or later, you've got to fight, and if you want to make a character that cuts through all the bull and gets right down to fighting, a no-nonsense, rough-and-tumble hero who is always ready for action, check out this incredible Pathfinder RPG class expansion and Make Your Game Legendary!