Legendary Rangers

by Legendary Games

Legendary Games



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Legendary Rangers

Walk on the Wild Side

Legendary Rangers is the latest volume in our new series of class-focused player supplements, this time focused on the lone wolf who uses swords, spells, and skills to survive anywhere: the ranger. These masters of the wilderness bring a wide variety of tactics and tools to the battlefield, focused on a singular goal: hunting their prey. Legendary Rangers completely redesigns the class, granting it iconic core features, greater versatility than traditional rangers, and a system of talents to increase character customizability. No matter the adventure, the Legendary Ranger is up to the challenge! Added to this are 11 archetypes for the Legendary Ranger, including the mind-bending chrysanth caller, feral scavengers as good with sticks and stone as common warrior with forged steel, and the planar explorer who travels realms farther other rangers even dream. Both the Legendary Ranger and traditional Pathfinder ranger can benefit from new feats and spells within this book, including spells with herbal components, spells that set magical traps, and spells that infuse magic into ammunition - instantly turning any ranger into a mystic archer to be feared, plus a featured sample character to show off some of the amazing tricks you can pull with this new class. Grab this amazing 62-page Pathfinder Role-Playing Game class supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!