Men & Monsters of Ethiopia (An RPG Sourcebook for 5th Edition)

by Skirmisher Publishing LLC

Skirmisher Publishing LLC



Tags: Africa D&D D&D 5E DMs monsters storytellers worldbuilding

Men & Monsters of Ethiopia (An RPG Sourcebook for 5th Edition)

Ethiopia is one of the oldest, strangest, and most fascinating places in the world and its history, peoples, legends, and folklore can serve as rich sources of inspiration for encounters, whole adventures, or even entire campaigns.

Contents of this book are extrapolated from such lore; from references in classical mythology and other external sources to events in Ethiopia; and from firsthand research by the author during a research trip that included visits to sites around the country, from the ancient cities of Axum and Lalibela to numerous museums and the Institute for Ethiopian Studies at Addis Ababa University.

This detailed 5th Edition book includes:

  • 17 new types of monster presented in 29 stat blocks.
  • Roles of 20 types of existing monster in an Ethiopian setting.
  • Roles of 11 types of Nonplayer Character in an Ethiopian setting and stat blocks for five new types of NPC.
  • Brief sections on Religion and Animals.
  • Encounter tables that include the monsters presented in this book.